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With almost 30 years of excellence, Minelab has always delivered one of the best metal detectors around the world. Superior technology assures premium quality, and as a result Minelab is the leader of the World’s metal detectors market.

In 1985 Minelab launched the first Minelab metal detector. The company secured many patents for new metal detection technologies.

Thanks to the inventive genius of physicist Bruce Candy, Minelab is the most innovative company among detectors producers. Strongly focused on research and development, Minelab has the largest engineering team in the metal detection industry with more than 30 scientists, engineers and technicians. Minelab places high emphasis on customer service.. All Minelab models are developed in Australia and produced under ISO 9001/2000.

The REICOM GROUP became an authorizes dealer for Minelab in 2013. We offer the full spectrum of Minelab goods and provide guarantee and post guarantee service of all Minelab detectors.

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