Nokta и Makro

О компании

Manufacturing high-tech metal detectors since 2001, Nokta Metal Detectors has played a key role in the development of this sector. Not so long ago companies merged. However, Nokta Metal Detectors remains the owner of the both brands.

Nokta Metal Detectors is particularly known for its technological know-how and professional staff. It carries out its activities in its 4000 square meters production facility with a staff of more than 150 employees. Seeking to create different kind of technology, Nokta Metal Detectors offers both high-quality products and services to its consumers all around the world.

Nokta Metal Detectors has been operating under the principle that environmental and community responsibility, customer satisfaction and insistence on high-quality are of the utmost importance. Nokta Metal Detectors aims to remain a leading pioneer in its sector, winning the trust of its consumers and always being the preferred choice for metal detecting.

MAKRO METAL DETECTORS is a metal detectors manufacturer that operates in the detector industry since 1986.