Garrett Security

Garrett Electronics Inc. (trademark Garrett Metal Detectors) was founded in 1964 by graduate engineer and businessman, Charles L. Garrett.

Today Garrett is the main world leader in metal-detecting equipment production. The company products cover a wide spectrum of Walk-Through and Hand-Held metal detectors for security and grounders of various levels of complexity. Garrett metal detectors are well known to be high-quality equipment. The Garrett equipment is used to ensure security at many world-level events. Garrett Metal Detectors have been a partner of the Olympic Committee for many years. The Garrett branded detectors can be found all over the world in various facilities: airports and banks, schools and offices, governmental facilities, exhibitions and sports events.

REICOM GROUP representing Garrett Metal Detectors in Russia not only delivers the whole spectrum of Garrett products to the Russian market, but also provides the warranty and service customer support.