Cup Confederations 2017, has become a truly bright football holiday for all fans. One of the stadiums for the games of the Cup was the Olympic Stadium "FISHT" in the city of Sochi.

The specialists of our company not only carried out the delivery and installation of metal detectors during the reconstruction of the stadium, but also provided technical support during the matches of the Confederations Cup at the stadium "FISHT".

Stadium "FISHT" - view from the Olympic Park
Examination pavilions in front of the entrance to the stadium in front of the entrance to the stadium

Inspection pavilions equipped in accordance with the requirements of FIFA, allowed to avoid large queues on the inspection and effectively detect prohibited items.

Even during the mass passage of the fans, our equipment allowed the police to quickly search.

It is worth noting the work of police officers conducting the search, they treated their duties very carefully, with knowledge of the specifics of the inspection. But they were very polite and friendly.


Some fans tried to carry firecrackers - but the special algorithms incorporated into detection programs in GARRETT metal detectors allowed them to be detected effectively.


Our arched metal detectors GARRETT worked without failures and malfunctions without producing false alarms from interference. Not one of almost two hundred detectors installed in the stadium did not fail. We were very pleased to receive the words of gratitude from the security service of the stadium, the police officers who spoke very well about our equipment.