Our company organizes and sponsors various rallies in Russia, because we believe that such events unite people.

Treasure hunters can exchange experiences, stories, and learn a lot about metal detectors and hunting for treasures. In many countries of the world, treasure hunting is recognized as a sport and rallies are held as sport events. We would also wish Russian treasure hunting to develop in this way in the future.

Having many examples of organizing and holding rallies both in Russia and in Europe and America, we would like to separately mention about the rally in Kotelnikovskovo.

The event was excellent, the organization is at a very high level. Separately, I would like to mention Daria Boyko, who endured this rally almost alone on her fragile shoulders. We met the treasure hunters of Volgograd, Rostov and Saratov, found out how the users of our devices lived, and also presented our new detectors. Our employees who participated in this rally had a great time. We will continue to support this rally in the future.