Our projects

GARRETT HOBBY METAL DETECTORS — metal detectors for treasure hunting

The latest technologies from the world leader in the metal detection industry. Learn More

FISHER LABS — metal detectors for treasure hunting

Metal detecting equipment from the oldest world producer. Learn More

NOKTA metal detectors

NOKTA METAL DETECTORS is a metal detectors manufacturer that operates in the detector industry since 1986. Learn More

XP metal detectors

The first wireless detectors in the world. Learn More

GRUNTOVIK — find your own treasure!

A retail chain selling Hobby Metal Detectors and Outdoor Equipment. Learn More


A Walk-Through and a Hand-Held are metal detectors from the world-leading producer Garrett Metal Detectors (USA). Learn More


ASTROPHYSICS X-ray television introscopes for screening luggage and cargo, anti-terrorist and screening equipment. Learn More

Publishing activities

The book about metal detectors and treasure hunting. Read more about C. Garrett's book "Metal detectors. How to find a treasure...

The "Denga" almanac is a monthly publication for treasure hunters and collectors. Learn more about the "Denga Almanac".